Philips Faucet


With the collaboration of two colleagues, our aim was to design a high-end washroom faucet that fits into an existing brand's image and identity. The brand is a renowned company that has a very strong, recognizable brand identity, but does not currently produce residential fixtures.



At Philips, we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation.


Improve the quality of people’s lives through technology-enabled meaningful innovations – as co-creator and strategic partner for the Philips businesses and complementary open innovation ecosystem participants.

Product Analysis

The team looked through and examine various products in the each category that Philips has in their inventory. We went through countless amounts of Philips products to better understand their products visual language, characteristics and features. After doing so, we ended up identifying reoccurring themes and details.

Green Innovaion

Philips wants to make the world healthier and more sustainable. They continuously innovate their products and technologies to improve people's lives while being kind to the environment. The EcoDesign process is defined in six key Green Focal Areas for improving the environmental performance. In our design, we tried to incorporate the energy and circularity areas to provide users with more sustainability in their daily washroom routines. 

green innovation.png




Weight & Material




After an in-depth investigation of the Philips company, we gained a better understanding of their values and vision for the future. Above is our mind map that outlines the general areas of consideration for the faucet design.


This stage involved applying forms and styles from existing products and applying them into a faucet. We also considered the companies innovative, sustainable and simple product functionalities. 

Wall Mount Concept

In our early ideation phase, we considered the idea of a wall mounted faucet. We thought that it would have an innovative and sleek physical appearance for Philips. However, as we continued to discuss this idea, we found that it counteracts Philips simplicity and universal design brand values.

counter top renders.jpg

Counter Top Concept

As we developed our final design, we took a step back from the wall mounted faucet and focused on a counter faucet. Philips innovated technologies led us to ideating a faucet with a touch sensor. 

Clay Modelling

We pulled out prominent forms and curves from existing Philips products and sculpted them onto the clay model. Slight angles, form transitions and the overall sleek style was implemented into our final model. The aim for our final design was to imitate Philips simple, functional and innovative product designs. We also kept in mind their development on sustainability and technologies that improve people’s live.

simple capacitive system lets the user easily control with just one touch


preset dial stabilizes water temperature and conserves energy


lattice nozzle pattern saves water while 

retaining the overall sleek and elegant look