To create simple indoor plant holders for the purpose of a material, techniques and processes exploration on glass and concrete.


Mood Board

frosted texture

organic forms

smooth surface transitions

clean and minimal

colour, material and finish

Material Limitations

Since glass is a such a unique material, there were limitations I had to consider with the shape and form before conceptualizing. This limitation made me think about this project more methodically. I was restricted with creating glass pieces that had less sharp edges and geometric forms. Other things I had to consider with the glass design was size, weight and the malleability period during the forming stage.


During this phase, I knew that I was interested in creating the glass portion as a platform for plants. I was drawn towards making some type of terrarium or planter for an indoor environment. However, executing the idea with only glass seemed unfinished to me. 

 I found the juxtaposition between transparent glass and rough concrete charming. The direction I focused on the most throughout the project was the anthropomorphic form concept. I liked how adding human traits to an inanimate object can affect how users emotionally perceive it.

Model Making

two planters.jpg
wavy base.jpg