Matieral Exporation


To create indoor plant holders for a material, techniques and processes exploration. Concrete shape inspired by a human bust and attached to a glass worked terrarium. 

mood board

limitations that i had to keep in consideration

sketches of concepts and ideation

 - how to get certain shapes : cones bubble 

- glass form sketching

- attached to concreate bases



What is glass blowing

- glass blowing is ...

glass blowing process

During my third year in Carleton University's Industrial Design program, I had the opportunity to experience a semester abroad in Australia. Something that Carleton doesn't offer was a glass blowing course. My curiousity led me to taking a introduction to glass blowing course and that taught me the basics to creating these glass art pieces.

material exploaration - glass working 

- what is glass blowing?



material exploration of - concrete 

silicone casting

- process of silicone casting

photo shoot!

cute statement about it

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