a sun lamp to encourage a balanced health and work lifestyle


We were inspired by the situation in this picture: students who have been working for hours in a studio with harsh lights, staying up at odd hours of the night and early morning. Solux uses high-lux LEDs to simulate natural light to help remedy problems with the body's internal clock, seasonal depression and other problems relating to a lack of natural light. Solux has a flexible body for directing light, static and fluctuation modes and intensity control. Solux also has cord management on it's bottom for organized storage.



statistics of how many people suffer

issues that come along with 

- depression

- health

- etc...

how do SAD light work


short explaination and walk through about our ideation process

- shape

- functionality


low fidelity model

 - reasoning for form decision




The lights are situated on a flexible TPE stem with a gooseneck spine. This allows users to direct the light where they would like. The lights themselves are high intensity LEDs that imitate natural light, rated at 10,000 lux (a suitable emission for a SAD lamp). The light shines through a treated lens, diffusing the light to soften it.



The interface is a simple capacitive slider which controls the intensity of the light. LEDs on the other side of the housing shine through to indicate intensity. The capacitive button below toggles brightness fluctuation. To turn on, simply slide from the bottom to any position. To turn off, return to the bottom.

Cord storage


The cord management on the bottom allows users to wrap the cord below for concealment when not in use.

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